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Alois Hofbauer

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E-Mail: office [at] falco-platinum.com

Das von der FALCO Privatstiftung autorisierte Live-Show-Projekt aus Wien

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Welcome World!

FALCO is cult and his music legendary and immortal.

“Rock me Amadeus, Der Kommissar, Jeanny, Out of the dark etc...

unforgettable smash-hits of the most successful Austrian musician!

Millions of records sold worldwide …and with „Rock me Amadeus“,

he is still the only German-speaking artist, who managed to make the top of the charts in America and England.

Everybody knows them, everybody loves them, WE play them!

FALCO-Platinum-Show, the Viennese original

they come from the hometown of the falcon, from VIENNA-Austria.

And they put the spirit of a whole generation into your hearts. All live and pure - authentic and emotional.

Authorized by the FALCO private foundation.

The FALCO-Platinum-Show is an event that is fascinating and memorable.

Just as enthusiastic as thousends of people, who visited our concerts in the past years on the tribute-tour through Austria and Germany.

THANKS FALCO for your music, more than a feeling of life …your spirit will never die!

P.S.: If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to see you on tour. --> CONTACT US

Your FALCO-Platinum-Team